Support Job Training at ASI

Support On the Job Training:  your donations support Job Training for people with barriers to employment. This means everyone gets paid while strengthening their skills. Barriers may be multiple issues which make it difficult for a person to get or to keep work.  Examples of such barriers are low education level, no work history, a disability, incarceration, and loss of previous work.

The support ASI provides includes:
_ in-depth collaboration with other non-profits for whole person services and better recruitment, and;
_ workshops and skills training for persons served focusing on areas of employability.

Persons Served:

ASI’s efforts to recruit and target persons with barriers to employment began in 2012 with Gemeinschaft, a post-prison transitional program. ASI seeks out other non-profits and government agencies whose missions serve to increase the success of persons in low income categories and those marginalized in our mission area of Harrisonburg City and Rockingham County. Through our partnership with Friendship Industries’ staff, ASI has been represented at job fairs and recruitment at the Department of Aging Services, Virginia Employment Commission, and the Workforce Investment Board.

ASI Strives to Provide:

_good work behaviors, job skills, and work expectations while individuals earn income.

_ increased confidence, better work behavior, and more skills so individuals can increase their job marketability.